About MultiVAC

Your MultiVerse Journey Starts Here! Welcome to the dev docs site of MultiVAC -- the All-dimensional Sharding Flexible Blockchain.

MultiVAC is the innovative sharding protocol and pioneering flexible computing framework.

As a high-throughput and flexible public blockchain platform, MultiVAC proposed an all-dimensional sharding solution to increase the TPS of the blockchain and was the first to propose a flexible computing framework so that developers could trade-off freely between the blockchain trilemma.

There are 3 main features in our technology:

  1. High scalability. The all-dimensional sharding technology is well known as "Sharding Killer" in communities.

  2. Linear expansion. The speed of 64 shards reaches over 30,000 TPS. In short, more shards equals higher performance.

  3. Fair node operation. Everyone can participate in operating a node without competition. Nodes can be operated with a laptop or any ordinary PC.

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