Use MetaMask to Access MultiVAC Mainnet

MetaMask, Mainnet, MTV

1. Click on the top of the MetaMask interface, as shown by the red circle.

2. Click "Add Network". If it is an old version of MetaMask, you may see "Custom RPC" instead. Click this button.

3. Fill in the following content on the pop-up page:

Network Name: MultiVAC Mainnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 62621 Currency Symbol: MTV Block Explorer URL:

Note: If your wallet requires you to fill in a hexadecimal value in the Chain ID column, please fill in 0xF49D (not case sensitive).

We also have an alternate RPC URL:, for European users, we recommend connecting to this RPC server.

Here is another easy way by clicking the button on the right-bottom corner on explorer:

4. Check the details on MultiVAC Mainnet:

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